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Murphaderchi commercial use license

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This commercial use license is good for unlimited use of all digital images purchased from Murphaderchi. It never expires, and no attribution or credit is required.

With this license, you may use the digital images for:
• Personal projects
• Educational materials
• Commercial projects (see exclusions below)

Wherever you use the images, you must add text or other graphic elements to make your own unique design. You may not:
• Resell, re-distribute, or share the digital images as-is or where the resource can be extracted as-is
• Claim copyrights to the digital images
• Use the digital images in mass commercial production

A mass commercial production is defined as where you are working with a commercial production company to create something that will be mass produced and sold on a large scale. 

If you are a small business selling handmade, drop-shipped physical items, or downloadable digital items, you likely do not need a Mass Production License.

If you think you may need a Mass Production License, please contact us with the details of your project for a price quote.

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A commercial use license for all digital illustrations purchased from Murphaderchi

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Murphaderchi commercial use license

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